How it Works

    Simply align the i-Can Wheelchair Lift along side what you want to raise up to and push the up arrow on the Hand Control. Stop at your desired height, when you are ready to move to a different location simply hold the down arrow on the hand controller until the base retracts up into the chair. Now you are ready to move around again.

-Raises 11 inches.


-Chair rating is 250 lbs. Actuator rated for 500 lbs.


-Wheelchair with lift weighs 80 lbs.


-Very Stable. Takes 90 lbs of sideways force to tip the chair in its extended position.


-Actuator is currently used in the medical field for operating tables and beds.


-Lithium Ion Battery (NMC).

  -Lasts approximately 5 days at 10 cycles per day*

  -Fully Charges in 10 hours

  -Can be plugged into wall and operated without charged battery 

i-Can Wheelchair Lift LLC.                       Patent No. US 9,333,132,B2