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Raise Yourself Up For A Level Transfer

i-Can Wheelchair Lift Level Transfer
i-Can Wheelchair Lift Level Transfer

"This thing is amazing, I don't know what I would do without it".

"The i-Can Wheelchair Lift enabled me to stay employed when I had knee surgery, Priceless"

"The i-Can Wheelchair has allowed my wife and I to stay in our home where we belong, Thank You"


  The i-Can Wheelchair Lift is a durable medical device that is attached to a manual wheelchair. Allows an individual to adapt to their environment verses the environment adapting to their disability.

 The i-Can Wheelchair Lift was developed to assist an individual in their daily living activities. It allows them to cook for themselves, to do simple tasks on their own without any assistance, such as raising up to a sink to brush their teeth, hanging clothes in a closet, reaching the counter and allowing for level transfers. The benefits are endless. Individuals can now raise them-self up to be involved in the conversation.

The i-Can Wheelchair Lift is not only beneficial for the person that is in a wheelchair but also for the caregivers of the person in the wheelchair. The lift can be used for level transfers. This reduces any potential injury for the caregivers who are the ones helping with the transfer. It gives the user the expanded ability of not having to ask for things, which establishes true pride and independence. The i-Can Wheelchair Lift also allows for more employment opportunities and the reduction of home modifications.



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Raise up to perform a level transfer